20/20 Visions

An Invitation to Secret Places in God
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Foreword 1

"I encourage you to take this journey! I can assure you that the heartbeat of this book is all about drawing you closer to God and meeting Him time after time in the Secret Place.  He invites you to press past your fears, trust God with your imagination, and soar to new heights in the Spirit."  

Dr. Sandie Freed / International Speaker /

Five-Fold Minister

Foreword 2

"Tom and Marcia are seasoned prophetic teachers and equippers in the body of Christ...  As Tom and Marcia share stories from their journey in seeing which will create confidence in your own prophetic journey with the Lord. This book will help you understand and apply your visions and dreams. It will also establish within you a secure ability in the Lord to have and expect dreams and visions from the Lord." 

Keith Miller / International Speaker /

Preacher and Revivalist

Foreword 3

"Tom calls you to a higher viewing point. Not only are his perceptions of prophetic visioning inspiring, but he also offers very practical tools to help you engage prophetic discovery. I am so excited to recommend this book by my friends Tom and Marcia Mawman.  Your viewing point is about to change!" 

Jeff Wittmer / International Speaker /Advanced Life Coach & Trainer


"In a way that transcends our heart's barriers and wounds, Tom and Marcia walk us down their own well-worn paths into an intimate encounter with the One True God. If you enjoyed The Shack, you will love this book! It carries the same spirit of connection with an added element of spiritual authority and identity unlike anything else I have ever read!" 

Ali Smith/ Gallows International Ministries

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